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Tutorial: GLCM Texture

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Here is a series of exercises to test your understanding of the concepts. You can link directly from this page, or you can link to individual exercises from the point in the tutorial where they are introduced. The answer key for each exercise is linked to the exercise itself.

Exercise: Create the Normalized Symmetrical Vertical GLCM

Exercise:  Calculate the GLDV for the vertical relationship

Self-test on contrast: What is the degree of this measure? What does a Contrast of 0 mean?

Exercise: Calculate the Contrast for the vertical GLCM and compare it with the Contrast for the horizontal GLCM

Exercise: Try out the Dissimilarity calculation for the horizontal image and compare the value with horizontal Contrast. Also, compare horizontal with vertical Dissimilarity. Is the pattern the same as for horizontal vs vertical Contrast?

Exercise: Calculate the homogeneity value for the horizontal GLCM and compare it with the Dissimilarity value.

Self test: about Contrast Group weights

Exercise: Do-it-yourself "Similarity" texture

Self-test on ASM/Energy

Exercise about ASM/Energy

Exercise about Entropy

Exercise: Calculating the GLCM Mean

Exercise: Calculating the GLCM Variance (standard deviation)

Exercise: Calculating the GLCM Correlation